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Suzuki Jimny G63 AMG

The Suzuki Jimny Racing The Mighty G63 AMG

Both off road vehicles sit at two very far ends in terms of specs, luxury and price. Yet this did not stop Mat Watson from carwow racing the 1.5 litre Suzuki Jimny against the intimidating twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 Mercedes G63 AMG. We just

Fried chicken

Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken

Why have KFC when you can have JFC.  Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken is just perfect for a weekend at home with your friends or family.  Kids love it too. Brine It, Buttermilk It  The preparation starts with brining the chicken for 12 hours

Saddled-backed tortoise of Mauritius

Meet The Mauritius Saddle-Backed Giant Tortoise

The most famous endemic, but now extinct, animal to have walked the island of Mauritius is surely the Dodo.  However little is known about the country’s other unfortunately extinct species.  One such animal is the Mauritius saddle-backed giant tortoise which was one of the two