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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 Comparison

Samsung just unveiled their brand new flagship mobile phone. The GALAXY S9 and S9+.

It’s predecessor the still mighty GALAXY S8 was introduced less than a year ago in March 2017.  What has changed in less than a year? Let us take a look.

galaxy s8 and s9

Galaxy S8 and S9 comparison 


S8 S9 Comparison

Source: Samsung

The Eight Or The Nine

The hype of the 8 isn’t yet over and we now have to deal with the 9.  The latter packs some interesting features such as the rear fingerprint reader.  It is shame however that only the S9+ comes with the wide angle lens.

Release date is announced globally for the 16th of March and from our sources they are to hit stores in Mauritius pretty soon as well.