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The Bavarians Broke Two Crazy Guinness World Records At The Same Time

The Bavarians bid farewell to 2017 and welcomed 2018 with quite a stunt.  On December 11, BMW broke two crazy GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS on the same day.

How Bonkers? 

The first being the greatest distance vehicle drift covering just over 374 km in 8 hours and the second by sustaining the longest ever twin-vehicle drift, assisted by water covering nearly 80 km in 1 hour.

Johan Schwartz, Matt Butts, Matt Mullins

Pictured from Left to Right: Johan Schwartz, Matt Butts & Matt Mullins

Even more bonkers? 

What makes the whole stunt even more bonkers is the fact that they took inspiration from the aviation industry to achieve these results; Borrowing some parts from the latter industry and custom engineering others in collaboration with a company called Detroit Speed.  The fuel tank is not your standard pop the lid, refuel process.  It is a totally re-engineered system allowing refueling while drifting. Yes you heard it right! Drifting! One of the scenes of the movie Need For Speed depicts refueling while driving but that was in a straight line unlike what just took place on the 11th of December 2017.

To break and set the bar so high for this record, it was obvious to refuel ‘mid-air’ style.  An M5 let alone any car in the world will not be likely able to execute such  feat on a single tank of fuel.

BMW M5 mid-drift refuel

Matt Butts from Detroit Speed latched to the F10 M5 refueling it’s successor while DRIFTING!

Watch the behind the scenes video of the absolutely crazy GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™


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