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The Suzuki Jimny Racing The Mighty G63 AMG

Both off road vehicles sit at two very far ends in terms of specs, luxury and price. Yet this did not stop Mat Watson from carwow racing the 1.5 litre Suzuki Jimny against the intimidating twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 Mercedes G63 AMG. We just had to bring this video to you.

Different on paper but how do they stack up against each other off road. © Top Gear

Fun On A Budget

Since its announcement this small compact off road vehicle has attracted our attention but it is yet to fall in between our hands. It is rumoured to arrive on the shores of Mauritius within a month or two.

Suzuki Jimny off road
A style icon with off road capabilities. Fun on a budget it seems.

Iconic German Beast

Mercedes G63 AMG
The Intimidating Iconic German Beast

The Mercedes G-Wagon has been one of the greatest off road icons for years and the range topping G63 AMG is without doubt one of the most exciting off-road vehicles in the world. However its price tag is also as big as its imposing size.

Watch The Ambitious Dirty Race

The Jimny is no replacement for the G-Wagon but could the little Japanese be a substitute for a fraction of the price while still delivering an exhilarating experience. Find out in carwow’s YouTube video.

We absolutely adore the G63 AMG, a sumptuous beast that doesn’t mind getting dirty. But we are equally amazed at the amount of fun you can have for so much less with the new Suzuki Jimny.

From an off road perspective, we would love to have one to trash around mud tracks, fields and beaches around the country. And not worry too much about maintenance and insurance costs.

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