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Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken

Why have KFC when you can have JFC.  Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken is just perfect for a weekend at home with your friends or family.  Kids love it too.

Jamie Oliver Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken

The JFC served with baked sweet potatoes and some red cabbage pickle sides. Source: Jamie Oliver

Brine It, Buttermilk It 

The preparation starts with brining the chicken for 12 hours and follows by covering the chicken in buttermilk for 8 hours.

Fry it, Bake it

The cooking is also, like the preparation, a two step process.  You first fry them and finish the cooking off in a pre-heated oven.

Eat it

Last and most important step. Gather your friends and family and enjoy your juicy JFCs.



Watch Mr Oliver himself show you how


Click here for more details about Mr Oliver’s recipe.

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