Fried chicken

Fancy some delicious juicy fried chicken? Drop the thoughts of getting fast food and try JFC (Short for Jamie’s Fried Chicken) instead.  Jamie Oliver’s ultimate southern fried chicken is the perfect meal to try at the weekends.  It may be slightly lengthy to achieve but is surely satisfying.

Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken
The JFC served with baked sweet potatoes and some red cabbage pickle sides. © Jamie Oliver

Brine It, Buttermilk It 

The preparation starts with brining the chicken for 12 hours and follows by covering the chicken in buttermilk for 8 hours.

Fry it, Bake it

The cooking, like the preparation, is a two step process.  First fry them and finish off in the oven.

Eat it

Last and most important step. Gather your friends and family and enjoy your juicy JFC’s.



The Recipe

Jamie Oliver’s ultimate southern fried chicken recipe is available on his website with full instructions and ingredient list.  There is however a method to this recipe that just makes it one of the greatest fried chicken recipes you can cook at home.  Watch Mr Oliver himself show you how in the video below.