Pouring Tropicana Pure Premium

Tropicana, one of the world’s favourite and best selling orange juice brands, hit our supermarket shelves a while ago.  Yes it is amongst the most expensive orange juices on the market but do not let its price dictate your choice.  It is one of the best out there.  I love my OJ and Tropicana has always been one of my favourite orange juice brands in the world.

Pouring Tropicana Pure Premium
A glass of Tropicana OJ first thing in the morning © islavenue

Morning Ritual Fix

Orange juice forms part of my morning ritual and sadly the OJ brands in Mauritius were until now rather off-putting.  So much that I eventually started buying oranges and squeezing them each and every morning to get my daily dose.  A fair amount of orange juice brands in our stores are mostly ‘from concentrate’ and taste far from real orange juice.  With added sugar, they taste more syrupy and artificial rather than natural.

Finally The Taste Of Fresh Oranges  

Tropicana Pure Premium ® on the other hand is on another level.  It tastes fresh.  Comparable to freshly squeezed oranges.  The real orange pulp goes on to add onto that feeling of freshness.  Some people may prefer an OJ without pulp but unfortunately these bottles are so far not yet available in Mauritius.

tropicana Brazil oranges
Other than Florida, USA, Tropicana also sources oranges from Brazilian groves © islavenue

Benefits Of Tropicana Pure Premium ®

Tropicana Pure Premium® juices are “never from concentrate.”  In other words, the extract retains its water content.  To reduce  the cost of transport, some brands dehydrate the juices to then add the correct amount of water to re-create the juice once it reaches the bottling factory.

This process may or may not alter the nutritional benefits of the juice as claimed by many but out of personal choice I would still rather drink juices made by brands such as Tropicana.  The latter’s OJ claims to be without added sugar, water, preservatives and artificial flavours.  A single glass is supposed to provide you with a full days vitamin C needs and as much potassium as a medium banana.

Any Other OJ To Match Tropicana

The choices for juices are countless.  New brands keep popping up.  But none quite match what Tropicana offers.  The closest ‘not from concentrate’ orange juice brand available here in Mauritius would probably be ‘Don Simon’.  But as it is made (in my opinion) through a better process, this also retails for more than the other juice brands.

A shift in juice trends in Mauritius could see more choices appear on supermarket shelves from these brands.  Shipping greater volumes could also hopefully drive its prices down.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to my next dose of Tropicana OJ tomorrow morning.