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From Construction Worker To Being Dressed By Tom Ford

Tom Ford, the world’s best dressed man together with GQ dresses Conrad Rusiecki, a builder with a desire to run his own construction company.  The transformation is simply tasteful tailored perfectionism.

“My personal style is Chaos” – Conrad Rusiecki

Conrad’s style is truly chaotic as he himself describes it.  For someone that looks into the future as a business owner rather than a construction worker his baggy sweat pants and oversized sweater could find some more tailored replacement.



Mr Ford’s video for GQ is rather dated but yet years later still inspiring to budding ‘gentlemen’ around the world.  Tom Ford creations come at a hefty price.  This however does not prevent you from using his tips, next time you walk into your favourite clothing store.

Visit GQ’s website for more style and grooming tips.

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