This Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses Is Different

Ray-Ban has to be one of the most popular sunglasses brands in the world.  Its aviator collection is considered to be amongst the most iconic of all time; Mostly recognised in its classic form with green lenses on a polished gold or gun metal frame.  The very combinations I did not want.  By all means I lusted over a pair of classic Ray-Ban Aviators but my search was for something different.  Somewhat more unique or luxurious in feel.  Meet my pair of Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator sunglasses.

[Stand Alone Picture of Ray Ban]

Polished Gold Or Gun-Metal – No Thank You

After scouring numerous shops in vain, my eyes caught sight of the perfect pair with the most glorious frame colour I could have ever hoped for.  A matt gold finished frame instead of the more common polished gold or gun-metal finishes.  The matt finish giving it a more unique and somewhat premium look.  The temple weird as it may seem feels more luxurious to the touch than its polished versions.  The light earthy taupe colour of the temple tips also pairs well with the overall colour of the frame.


[Holding sunglasses with focus on temple]

And The Lenses Ain’t Green

Most off the shelf Ray-Bans encountered had green or grey lenses.  These Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 however have brown gradient lenses.  In my opinion, these glass gradient lenses could not complement the matt gold frames any more perfectly.  The gradient also accentuates the teardrop inspired shape of the frames.  A subtle feature you unfortunately do not get with the classic lenses.

[Face on Pic or Half lens pic]

Take Care Of Them

There is no doubt that Ray-Ban is a go-to brand for sunglasses.  Especially the Aviator collection.  Do however take special care of them and be very careful not to drop them.  Despite being able to take a slight toll, they are somewhat fragile.  The glass can shatter and the frame itself can be easily bent.  If you are the type of person to often have your shades over your head, be aware that with time your once well fitted Ray-Bans will start becoming loose.

Over Head Shot

Gradient Brown, Matt Gold, Earthy Taupe 

What makes these pair of sunglasses awesome in my opinion, is its difference.  A classic aviator with gradient brown lenses on a matt gold frame with earthy taupe temple tips.  Describing it doesn’t ever seem boring for some reason.  Ray-Ban’s website allows you to customise your own pair and make it more unique.  If you cannot get them delivered to you, try talking to your official Ray-Ban stockist to have your perfect pair ordered and shipped to you.

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