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We love collaborating and learning about brands.  If you believe that your product or service have lifestyle enhancing qualities then we would love to hear from you. 

A collaboration with us will involve thorough understanding of the story behind your brand and how it makes for better products or services.  

We wish to make ISL AVENUE a reliable and trustworthy source of content and hence we remain impartial about content featured on our website or social media channels.

Our advertising and promotional opportunities are open to suitable brands within the Hospitality, Real Estate, Automotive, Fashion, Style, Beauty, Travel, Interior Design and Tech industries.  

Click on the tabs below for more information onto how we structure ourselves to better target your products and services. 

Our editorial team can tailor content to promote your products or services.  These editorial content are created to be integrated seamlessly and align with the tone & style of our web content.  

Links to the published content are also shared on our social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube depending on applicability.  A dedicated space can also be allocated onto the ISL AVENUE newsletter to reach our list of subscribers. 

Editorial content can take form of articles, cover stories, interviews, infographics and videos.  

Once published the created content remains on ISL AVENUE’s server for at least a few years.  This ensures the content appears in search results at any point of time when relevant keywords are entered by users on search engines such as Google.  

Every brand has a story.  These story matter as they create awareness about a brand’s identity and values.  It is those identities and values that help people trust in those brands.  

Brands besides selling a product or service are also selling a lifestyle or an image.  Branded content, unlike native advertising is more oriented towards the brand itself rather than its line of products or services.  

Our job at ISL AVENUE is to help brands connect and engage with our readers, subscribers and followers through our website, partners and social media channels.  

We can help in creating brand oriented content or we can feature content created by the brand itself subject to it meeting our criteria and being in line with our policy and style.  

The ISL AVENUE website can accommodate space for clickable image or animated  banners to be featured.  The location whereby these banners can be placed are the header, the landing page sidebar, a category specific sidebar, within a post and after a post.  

Banners should be in the form of images (jpg or png or gif) and its size will be governed by its intended location on the website.  Banners can also be created upon’s the client’s request.

Occasionally we offer to have brands place a background advertisement picture in the header.  While the background does not feature a clickable call to action, it however appears on top throughout most of ISL AVENUE’s pages and posts.    

Should you wish to reach our subscribers, space can be allocated on ISL AVENUE’s newsletter for your tailored or branded content, giveaways, banners and other promotional campaigns.  

We can also create a dedicated newsletter featuring your brand to share with our community of subscribers.

The best way for people to love your brand is by having them interact with your products or services.

ISL AVENUE can feature your free giveaways, trial services, discounts, vouchers and offers to its audience.  

We also offer to review products after which we offer a chance for a member or members of our community to win that very product.   

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