Living Room Essentials To Create An Inviting Space

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Living rooms are spaces for relaxation.  Spaces to unwind, chill and may be catch up on your favourite TV shows or movies.  They must also be welcoming spaces to entertain friends, family and other guests.  We gathered a few essentials to add to your living room to make it as versatile as possible.  A space for you as well as your guests.

Display Your Passion With Coffee Table Books

You may or may not love reading but adding books, especially hardcover or even vintage books to your coffee table is a fantastic way to add some style to your living space.  Display books that motivate you or those that reflect your passion or lifestyle for a more personal touch.  Having books that are more visual than textual would be best suited for the purpose.  Displaying books also give you a reason to sit back, relax and enjoy some ‘me’ time in your living room.

coffee table books
Share your passion without uttering a word.  If you love music, movie or pop culture, display books about your favourite stars and let your guests flick through the pages.

Add Warmth & Freshness With Candles 

Candles are romantic.  Their subtle accent lighting uplift your mood and makes your guests feel cozier within your space.  Pick up scented candles for a welcoming scent every time you or someone else enters the living room.  Don’t just display them; Light them up.  Let them work their magic on you or people visiting.

candles living room
A quality scented candle will last longer and emit a better fragrance throughout the space.  Pair your candle with fresh flowers for a little touch of sophistication.

Play With Light

Lighting is key in any room but even more important in your living room.  Refrain from using only one major lighting source.  Instead use a combination of light fixtures.  Complement ceiling lamps or chandeliers with a chosen style of table lamps or floor lamp.  Go further and enhance all of it with some form of accent or mood lighting.  You can also direct light in such a way as to accentuate a particular feature in your living room such as a piece of art or sculpture.

living room
Light fixtures in this living room provide so much flexibility.  A centre chandelier over the coffee table, spot lights in the ceiling accentuating the clock and artwork, a table lamp on top of the chest of drawers and the recessed ceiling LED ambient lighting.  Adjust your lighting according to your mood or needs.

Make Use Of Throws & Cushions 

Throws may be mostly relevant for winter but make them a permanent art of your living room irrespective of season.  They bring a certain warmth to your living space and come in handy whenever you do need them.  Cushions, especially big puffy ones, bring in comfort and coziness to your couch.

living room throw cushion
Create a luxurious setting using the right throws and cushions

Consider your materials and textures when shopping for throws and cushions.  Take time in exploring your options, feel the fabric and think about the size of these soft furnishings.  Often, going one size bigger works out best.  These two living room essentials will also help if you are need of a quick makeover.

Living room throw cushion
A solid dark coloured couch with contrasting patterned cushions and throws.  Grab your favourite book or turn on the TV and get cozy.  Throws and cushions are also easy ways to refresh or give a quick makeover to your living space.

Invest In An Ottoman For Your Living Room

An ottoman is one of those pieces of furniture that is often neglected when designing a living area.  It is a versatile and can be made to match or contrast with your existing decor.  Use it to stretch out your legs or as spare seating for when you have extra guests.  Pair your ottoman with a chic tray and it doubles up as a coffee or side table.  It is truly a living room essential.

Ottoman in living room
Remove the tray and make space for when you have guests to sit.  Put your feet up when they are gone and need some well deserved time to relax.

An Audio System

Just about anyone appreciates music.  Think of adding an audio device to your living space, whether it is wireless speaker or docking station for your phone or a Hi-Fi system.  Welcome your guests into your space with some soft background music or turn the volume up if you are having a house party.

Looks do matter when it comes to selecting any audio setup.  You do not want some cheap looking device to mess up the tasteful interior you have created.  Save yourself an eyesore and get yourself an audio system that looks great and plays your favourite tunes without much noise or distortion.

living room speaker
Make your audio part of your deco

Why not consider stepping up the game and investing in a record player.  Vinyl record players may sound old school but will sure impress anyone who walks into the room.  Start building a collection of records of your favourite artists or genre of music.

Make It About You But Don’t Forget Your Guests

These living room essentials will help you create the space you desire.  A space that will suit your daily life as well as a space that is inviting to your guests.  Let it be a space that inspires you and a space that can accommodate great conversations.


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