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Finally Patek Philippe On Instagram

It has taken a while but finally Patek Philippe on Instagram is now a reality.  The revered Swiss Watch brand has always had a reserved take on marketing and specifically digital marketing. They only had an online presence on Youtube and Vimeo until they joined Instagram on the 18th of March.  Their Instagram strategy however differs from convention and I cannot but praise their subtle game.

calatrava travel time

The Calatrava Travel Time for Him and For Her featured on the brand new Instagram page of Patek Philippe

Instagram – Signed By Patek

Do not start following Patek Philippe on Instagram expecting to discover new posts every single day.  Patek has chosen a different Instagram strategy rather than following the content producing crowd of the popular social media platform.

“Patek Philippe has decided to organise a rendezvous on every 18th of a month at 18:39 Geneva Time”.  Their feed would most likely consist of monthly ‘episodes’ depicting their craft and pieces.  We surely should be expecting getting the occasional stories from them as well.

Why on the 18th at 18:39? 

Patek Philippe owes its name to its two founders namely Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe.  Though the name Patek Philippe saw the light in 1851, Antoni Patek initially founded the Manufacture in Geneva, Switzerland in 1839.  The year 1839 thus explaining the company’s use of ’18:39 Geneva time’ as a reference to their founding grounds and year.

Their approach to subtly incorporate their history into their marketing and communication channel is surely worth a praise.  It truly pictures a company that is more concerned about timeless pieces and quality.  A company that symbolises the true symbol of ultimate luxury with a strong horological history.

Patek Philippe Instagram

It was indeed about time.  Follow Patek Philippe to discover and learn more about one of the greatest watch brands in the world.

Better Late Than Never 

By joining Instagram, Patek has not only broaden its possibilities for the future but it has also contributed to sustaining the art of horology and fine watchmaking.  Giving unaware but curious minds the opportunity to discover horology through the eyes of one of the world’s best and most revered watchmakers.

Aficionados or enthusiasts, rendezvous then on the 18th of April at 18:39 Geneva time to discover what Patek Philippe will marvel us with next.

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