The Range Rover Sport Dragon Challenge

The PHEV Range Rover Sport Dragon Challenge is quite literally astonishing.  No vehicle ever attempted the 999 steps leading to Heaven’s gate on the summit of Tianmen mountain in China.  A feat, many claimed impossible to achieve.  That is until driver Ho-Pin Tung created history together with Land Rover.

Ho Pin Tung Dragon Challenge
Ho-Pin Tung – 24 Hours Le Mans Winner and Jaguar Racing Reserve  ©Land Rover

The Challenge 

From the start line the new Hybrid Range Rover Sport raced through the 99 bends to the summit of the mountain in the Hunan Province of China.  A road so tricky it requires bus drivers to be specifically trained before being allowed to take tourists up the mountain.

Range Rover Dragon Challenge
The new Range Rover Sport PHEV  © Land Rover

After a flawless 11.3 km drive up the summit, Ho-Pin Tung’s most challenging feat remains attempting the steep drive up to Heaven’s Gate.  A climb onto 999 steps angled at 45° leading to the mountain’s natural rock arch.

Heaven's gate Dragon Challenge
Ho-Pin Tung and the hurdle that lies ahead – Heaven’s Gate – 999 steps angled at 45°  © Land Rover

Watch The Range Rover Sport Take On The Impossible

Accomplishments such as the Range Rover Sport Dragon Challenge are what makes Land Rover so great.  It represents their identity.  Watch how driver Ho-Pin Tung and the Land Rover team attempt this treacherous challenge in China.


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