AIr Mauritius first A350 delivery

AIr Mauritius first A350 delivery

Air Mauritius is set on improving its passenger flight experience as it takes delivery of its first Airbus A350-900 XWB.  One of the latest aircraft to come out of the French manufacturer’s factory based in Toulouse, France.  Besides upgrading its current fleet, Air Mauritius also happens to be the first airline in the Indian Ocean to operate the A350-900 XWB.

Air Mauritius A350-900 XWB Le Morne Brabant
Air Mauritius A350-900 ‘Le Morne Brabant’ bearing registration 3B-NBP © Airbus

Welcome Home ‘Le Morne Brabant’  

The first A350 of Air Mauritius bears its name to one of the most iconic mountains of the island, ‘Le Morne Brabant‘.  A mountain with a strong connection to slavery and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The twin engine jetliner arrived at SSR International Airport in Plaisance with quite some stir.  Quite a crowd had gathered around the perimeter of the airport to get a glimpse of the aircraft.  The latter was flown by veteran Air Mauritius pilot, Captain Pramil Banymandhub at the controls.  He initiated a fly-by over the runway on approach before going around and eventually putting the bird down for the first time at Plaisance.

The twin-engine jetliner arrived at SSR International airport with quite some stir.  Quite a crowd gathered around the perimeter of the airport to catch a glimpse of the aircraft flown by Captain Pramil Banymandhub.  A veteran and one of very first Mauritian pilots to fly for Air Mauritius.  He initiated a fly-by over the runway before going around and eventually the new bird down for the time in Mauritius.

AIr Mauritius first A350 delivery
The A350-900 XWB ‘Le Morne Brabant’ receiving a water canon salute at SSR International, Plaisance © Airbus

Farewell Good Old A340

Air Mauritius aims to have the A350 slowly replace its ageing A340-300 fleet, the airline’s long serving flagship workhorse.  The latter, acquired in 1994, was also the first of its type to be operated in the Indian Ocean by the airline.  The newly acquired A350 promises to deliver better cabin experiences and save more fuel than its predecessor in the fleet, the A340.

air mauritius a340 and a350
The A350-900 going around after a fly by and the A340 entering the runway for take off © ISL AVENUE

What To Expect 

The new aircraft will mostly fly long haul routes in a two class configuration.  Business class with 28 seats and Economy class with 298 seats.  Passengers will enjoy the latest in-flight entertainment systems as well as Wi-Fi connectivity while relaxing in wider and comfier seats throughout both classes.

The aircraft’s design with its less-rounded sidewalls, higher ceilings and wider panoramic windows allow for a roomier cabin.  Ambient lighting and the aircraft’s ability to be pressurised at a lower altitude contribute towards enhancing in-flight experience and reducing fatigue.  The A350 also claims to be 4 times quieter than its closest competitor, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  So may be those people who could never sleep in a plane, may well now.

A350 specs
A few facts about the new A350-900 © Air Mauritius

An Opportunity For Happier Customers

The Airbus A350, like its rival the B787, cater to the needs of modern day travel.  They promise more comfortable and enjoyable journeys on board whilst reducing emissions and saving more fuel.  The late 70’s through to the mid nighties saw Air Mauritius mainly as a Boeing operator.  Since 1994, it grew its fleet in favour of Airbus.  A relationship now strengthened with the arrival of the Airbus A350.  An aircraft we cannot wait in experiencing.