Archery And Lunch At Andrea Lodge

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Fun in a tranquil coastal setting © ISL AVENUE

Get your inner robin hood out and try a session of archery at Andrea Lodge along with lunch at is restaurant.  Enjoy its beautiful surroundings and the sounds of nature.  We had quite a bit of fun and the lovely staff made us spend some quality time at the lodge.  A little more than we probably anticipated.  

A Worthy Bumpy Ride 

Perched on the southern cliffs of Mauritius, Andrea lodge is a small hotel with a restaurant specialising in Mauritian cuisine.  Its has a series of bungalows and a swimming pool next to the restaurant; all overlooking the ocean.  The hotel also proposes an array of outdoor activities such as nature hikes, swimming at a nearby waterfall, quad biking and archery.  Getting to Andrea is a rather long and bumpy drive though.  Its road, amidst the sugarcane fields is unsurfaced; but remains nonetheless an enjoyable one.

Robin Hood By The Sea

We booked an online package for some Archery session followed by lunch at its restaurant.  None of us had ever had a go at Archery and the package had us wanting a little fun break.  A little taste at being Robin Hood surrounded on one side by the crashing waves of the ocean against the cliffs and on the other by the gentle breeze going over the casuarina (filao) trees. 

At arrival we were offered some complimentary drinks and snacks while waiting for our instructor for the day.  A young and very polite but rather shy chap.  He walked us to the Archery ground which was within a clearing right behind the restaurant and adjacent to the cliff.  

Archery equipment

Competitive Yet Relaxing

Once on the grounds, the instructor gets you acquainted with the equipment and the rules the game entails.  You are then given a few trial shots before starting your session.  A mentally stimulating session that lasts a good hour or so.  The archery session gets rather competitive but remains rather relaxing with the surrounding environment.  The instructor noticed the fun we were having and gladly allowed us some extra time at perfecting our Robin Hood skills.  

Archery in Mauritius Andrea lodge
Aim for yellow © ISL AVENUE

Surrounding Cliffs and Ocean

After our archery session, the instructor was kind enough to give us a little tour of the surrounding cliffs before proceeding to lunch.  Hopping from one boulder to another to reach the edge of the cliff and enjoy the waves up close crashing against the rocks. 

waves crashing against cliff

Our archery instructor recommended to visit and swim at ‘Cascade Leon’ on our next trip to Andrea Lodge.  A famous waterfall in the area which is only a little hike away.  All this makes Andrea a unique and blissful place to be.     

andrea lodge view
The view from the top of the cliff right next to the archery and restaurant area © ISL AVENUE

Three Course Lunch At The Restaurant

The restaurant specialises in Mauritian cuisine and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It has both an indoor and a covered outdoor terrace to seat its guests which overlooks the mouth of the river.  Our package included a three course lunch from a set menu at the restaurant.  Starters consisted of typical Mauritian mini samossas, a choice of either grilled fish or grilled chicken for main course and a chocolate mousse as dessert.  

While the set menu did not offer much in terms of meal selection, they were nonetheless well executed dishes.  Andrea lodge may not be a fine dining establishment but it certainly serves delicious Mauritian inspired food.  We know because our Chief Editor once ate the ‘best mutton curry on the island’ at this very restaurant.  

Swim, Chill And Relax  

andrea lodge swimming pool
Chill by the pool as you unwind to the sounds of nature © ISL AVENUE

Andrea lodge has its swimming pool down a few steps from the restaurant.  It is just off a cliff facing the ocean and adjacent river mouth.  Drinks and cocktails are available from the bar to enjoy by your sunbeds throughout the day.  While you are there, how about taking a little midday nap while listening to the sounds that nature offers there.  We were lucky to enjoy a gentle breeze and sunshine on our trip to Andrea but be aware that the area is prone to get windy on certain days. 

Enjoy your coffee and cake by the pool while gazing out towards the horizon


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