Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken The Jamie Oliver Way

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This ultimate southern fried chicken recipe by Jamie Oliver will make you ditch the idea of getting anywhere close to a chicken shop.  Especially on a weekend.  It is a super satisfying dish that may seem lengthy to prep but will have you or your guests licking their fingers.  And it all starts with how the poultry is marinated.

Patience Makes All The Difference

As mentioned, we’d recommend giving this particular dish a shot at weekends or when you have got some spare time. The recipe itself is rather simple but requires some time and patience; which in the end makes all the difference.

The preparation starts with building up a brine which is then cooled down completely before soaking the chicken in and stowing it away in the fridge to marinate for 12 hours.  After those 12 hours, the chicken is removed and transferred to a zip-lock bag; to which buttermilk is added and put back in the fridge for another 8 hours.

Cooked Two Ways

If you thought the Jamie Oliver Southern Fried chicken recipe involved only frying, you’d be wrong.  The chicken is given a generous coating of seasoned & spiced flour before being deep fried.  It is however, then transferred to a baking tray and finished off in the oven.  A process that makes it easy for the meat to come off the bone according to Mr Oliver.  And indeed it does.

Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken
The JFC served with baked sweet potatoes and some red cabbage pickle sides. © Jamie Oliver

The Most Important Step

It’s lunch on a Sunday, gather your friends and relish to those juicy crispy chicken.  It is a perfect weekend treat.  It may sound fatty but is equally comforting.  Savour the taste of your hours of patience in every single bite until all of those bones are clean.

The Recipe

The Ultimate Southern Fried Chicken Recipe is available on Jamie Oliver’s website with full instructions and ingredients list.  You can also watch Mr Oliver himself give those chicken drumsticks & thighs some love in the video below.


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