Tropicana Orange Juice Hits Supermarkets In Mauritius

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Tropicana has always been one of my favourite orange juice brands and is now FINALLY available in Mauritius.  It is one of the world’s best selling OJ brands.  And for a very good reason.  Their juices are ‘never made from concentrate’.  A process that personally sits well with me.  Its taste & quality make it better than most OJs currently sitting on supermarket shelves.

Morning Fix

Orange Juice (and coffee) forms part of my daily morning ritual.  Sadly, until now, most OJ brands on the market were somewhat off-putting to me.  So off-putting, I’d go into the effort of squeezing fresh oranges every morning to get my daily dose.

Most store bought orange juices available in Mauritius are ‘made from concentrate’.  Those with added sugar, taste more syrupy and artificial than an actual glass of fresh orange juice.  And when you do buy the locally bottled, freshly squeezed ones; they quite often contain added sugar as well.

Finally The Taste Of Fresh OJ In A Bottle  

Tropicana Pure Premium® on the other hand is on another level.  Despite being bottled, it tastes fresh.  Comparable to freshly squeezed oranges.  The real orange pulp adds onto that feeling of freshness.

While some may prefer a smoother OJ, one without the bits, I haven’t come across any in store yet.  But these will surely follow if people do start buying into this fresh new offering; which brings us to its downside.  Tropicana is currently amongst the priciest juices in Mauritius and not stocked in big quantities.  It is not even available throughout all major grocery stores or supermarkets.

tropicana Brazil oranges
Other than Florida, USA, Tropicana also sources oranges from Brazilian groves © islavenue

Benefits Of Tropicana Pure Premium®

As mentioned earlier, most juices on the market are ‘made from concentrate’.  Tropicana Pure Premium® juices however are ‘never from concentrate’.  In other words, the juice extract retains its water content unlike other juices which are dehydrated after extraction; all in a bid to reduce cost of transportation.  These dehydrated extracts are then rehydrated by adding the correct amount of water to ‘re-create’ the juice once it reaches the bottling factory.

Choosing juices that are ‘from concentrate’ means choosing a more industrialised process.  One that involves the application of high heat to get rid of most of the juice’s water content; which may also alter its flavour and nutritional properties.  A process still widely debated by health conscious people and nutritionists.

Out of personal choice, I would rather stick to juices that do not go through such processes.  And Tropicana stands out as one of those who never employed and never ever will employ this technique.

The company claims to be without added sugar, water, preservatives and artificial flavours.  A single glass is supposed to provide you with a full days vitamin C needs and as much potassium as a medium banana.

Any Other OJ To Match Tropicana

The choices for juices are countless.  New brands keep popping up on supermarket shelves.  But none quite match what Tropicana offers.  The closest ‘not from concentrate’ orange juice brand available here in Mauritius would probably be ‘Don Simon’.  However it, as well, is nearly as expensive as Tropicana as both companies employ nearly the same bottling technique.

A shift in the way people buy juices in Mauritius could see brand such as Tropicana thrive in our market.  Shipping greater volumes could also hopefully drive its prices down or at least maintain it for a while.  In the meantime, I am looking forward to savour every sip my next cup of Tropicana OJ tomorrow morning.

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